Fleet strengthening



From June 1 to August 31 inclusive you can collect ship parts for the following ships:

  • Brokk
  • Stingray
  • Archelon
  • Kite-E
  • Karud
  • Nightingale


Ship parts can be purchased in special sets right in the ship tree with Xenochips!  In order to purchase a set, you need to click on the icon with the number of parts of the needed ship in the ship tree.




Special game currency — ‘Xenochips’ is needed for making purchase and can be earned in special tasks. Xenochips are added to the game for a limited time and after the end of the event will be withdrawn from the game and from the accounts of all pilots. 


  • We recommend that you  spend xenochips before the end of the event.
  • Xenochips can be obtained by performing special tasks in the game.


Xenochips will be withdrawn from the game on September 1.


Star Conflict Team