Fleet Strength

Hi, I have a question:
What is Fleet Strength? - more ships you have more Fleet Strenght 1 ship = 1%.

(but I am asking for an answer only from people who know the answer to 100%. I don’t want a discussion, just information)

The topic was on the forum a few years ago but no one really knows 100% now.
I found info that gives a bonus to experience but apparently it hasn’t worked for several years. I found out from a friend of Boczek121 (a very nice guy) that at the moment he only gives a chance for an additional drop in the store and 100% of the fleet strength = 10% chance.
And of course you can’t have 100%, because you would need 1000 ships and there are only 300 in the game.

I would like to know if he is right or what else gives the strength of the fleet.

I will be grateful to any expert for the answer.

–more ship you have with max synergy -
before when you put mouse on number : more you have fleet strenght, more you have synergy and credits.
now, Boczek is right, it’s wrote : more chance to get a free more bundle in store when you buy one, that is a false advertising imo, bc event with a huge fleet strenght, you get some rarely.
ships with max synergy is the only way to improve your fleet strenght. so play with till its full.

Don’t worry I know what I’m talking about, if you want to know something it’s enough if you ask me, I know almost everything in the game and have a few friends that know the rest, so way higher chance to get a high quality answer than even here.

not 100% but 100 fully maxed ships (premium and ellydium are count as maxed immediately)
before ~2020 yes it was 1% more credits and exp every 1 fleet strenght but it was changed to 0.1% double drop chance

I said it’s not even 300 ships and I doubt it will even be

nah it’s 0.1% per ship with 200 maxed ships you have ~20% double drop chance but it’s not like every 5th container just 20% everytime so yes it can be 20 single drop in a row but also 5 double in a row it’s just random.

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beautiful details, thx :slight_smile: