Fix Destroyers *Read* !

Odd, thats quite the wall and yet i find that i actually use my destroyer now.

They are far from useless more a tactical ship choice rather, like picking an lrf. Before it was a cheap nasty guard, charge in, smash, splode, cap and kill. Now that is attempted and fails, most of the time.

Im certain there are plenty of players who know how to time such a thing but tbh a lot of these complaints bout them being useless for me have came from those who revelled in the ‘glory’ of destroyers before they where fixed.

I’d say that the self defence turrets do need a little attention though. Both as the attacker and defender i can say that these are the very last on the list of viable modules for a destroyer. Like ‘idiot screen activate’. An engineers drones are more trouble than these dedicated modules when it comes to autofire. However gravi lens does need a duration debuff and has done for longer than these complaints.

Only way I’ve found to make my Tyrant useful in battle is to get 2 experienced engineers with Mk4 eclipses to perma heal me the entire time.

Ofcouse this is outside of sitting at >8km outside the battle and chucking photon torpedoes. Other than that, I find destroyers inefficient and useless. They are meant to destroy, not be destroyed. Honestly I think that they should be battle fortresses. Literally invincible, but all of the modules and weapons can be destroyed and must regenerate over time. It should never be possible to kill a destroyer solo, or without serious tactical advantage. I suggest that the “Command Tower” suggestion be implemented, and they get an IMMENSE survivability buff that makes them nearly invincible, but disablable. The command tower should disable main weapons and radar systems while it is destroyed. Seems about right.

6 hours ago, Papitas said:

hahaha when i notice demoman way too close (and thus late) im like: “ wheres the eject button???”…or turtles when im out of tempest/photon/destabilizing field/not using halo or gthardu/etc: “oh im so done”.

Btw did you see my bug report?

 I wonder where skula is ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”)

Hahaha yea ^^

Look at the stats!

Interest in tharga is going down.

Interest in destroyers was way more lasting and longer.


I would need destroyers for a support role in battles (not to become kill stats champion) because I would love to be part in battles where I have bad ping ang fps.

I would like to have a destroyer as a lasting ship for Open Space with reasonable space time travel speeds (or spec. modules).


I have recommended to give the Heavy Repair Drones of destroyers (in missile slot) also attack ability (like frigate:enigneer drones) and combined shild & hull repair (like guards now have).  It would be an alternative to Static Shield, modeled after the capable Phoenix engineer drones.


Name:                    Heavy ‘Phoenix’ Repair Drones                
 ship type:                Destroyers        
Type:                     missile    slot
DPS:                     764        dmg (thermal)    
Damage:                 917        dmg
Rate of fire:             50        rounds/min    
Firing range:            2600     m                
Max number of drones:    3        pts
Drone durability:        900        pts                                
Drone active time:        30        s    
Ship repairs:            185        dmg/s                
Energ. consumption:     50        en/s                    
Recharge:                  1        s
Description:    Drones with manual Attack/Repair mode switch. Attack locked target, restore hull/shield. Drone projectiles reduce shield and hull resistance to all damage by 5 pts each for 5 s.
After launch the drones starts repairing 185 hull/shield üpts per second of the most damaged ally in a 300 m radius.

Please dont use steam as a reference data, i cringe evritiem.

destors are fine as it is, vigilant can get nerf maybe, but no buff needed for sure.

Destroyers are perfectly balanced right now. They are killable, but you have to take a big risk and get close in order to do so. Meanwhile they still have very high DPS and various useful modules that allow them the control the range of engagement and apply damage at very long ranges, effectively suppressing enemy ships that are not in cover. This was their intended role, and I’m seeing some pilots flying them properly now and appreciate it. They use wide flanking manoevers to put pressure on the enemy team and force them out into the open, without having to rely on cloak (like an LRF does) since they have such high HP. This is especially effective on map such as the tube map or the jericho city, which are based around a central structure with open space around.

Even with 2.5k damage it still takes a lot longer to kill a destroyer than to kill a frigate. Of course they get wrecked by thar’ga but then again so does every ship… so… nerf Thar’gas instead of buffing dessies.

I still don’t like the fact that Covert ops can one shot federation and Jericho. 


If the fact that Thar Ga can one shot stuff is a problem, then I don’t get why Covert ops one shoting destroyers isn’t one. 

20 minutes ago, Swifter43021 said:

I still don’t like the fact that Covert ops can one shot federation and Jericho. 


If the fact that Thar Ga can one shot stuff is a problem, then I don’t get why Covert ops one shoting destroyers isn’t one.