First mission from Arlette Sokal

Attention, UMC mercenaries. This is head of the security at Ellydium Corporation, Arlette Sokal.
Your people were seen in activities aimed at supporting our competitors. We are confident that their goal is to undermine confidence in alien technologies, in principle. And this is something more than competition or xenophobia. We also know that you are only mercenaries and therefore we offer a reward to those who are ready to confirm their loyalty in battle. For any three tasks completed, you will receive a reward — a container with cabin parts for Waz’Got.
You will be able to earn bonus Xenochips by completing my special assignments:

  •  Our competitors would do well to spend more credits to repair their equipment.Any damage dealt during battles in any mode shall be taken into account.
  •  Win in Co-op vs AI mode. One of our most active competitors is known for its achievements in the field of AI piloting.With this event, we would like to discredit its products.
  •  Win in PvE mission ‘Defence Contract’.Ellydium has an object in the Olympus system. Formally, this is one of the many residential stations under the jurisdiction of New Eden, but for some reason only it is subject to regular raider attacks. Attacks are well organized and our competitors are probably behind them. Your task is to ensure the safety of the object during the next raider attack.


The container “Resources Waz’Got” can also be obtained from the purple spot in trophy search after “Ariadne Thread” mission!  For this you need to fly into battle on 6-10 ranks ships.

A unique opportunity to get parts of the latest weapon Th’ak’Len!
For a limited time, in post-battle trophy search you can get a container with particularly valuable resources for producing a unique weapon Th’ak’Len for the engineering ship Waz’Got.
A special container with a part for Th’ak’Len can be obtained in post-battle trophy search on ships of rank 8. You can open the container with 200 Iridium.
Th’ak’Len is a kinetic weapon, its projectiles can collect debris. Debris pieces are collected if the projectile is within 50 m from the part. When picking up fragments, the projectile is consumed.
Yours faithfully,
Star Conflict team