First impressions

Today was my first time playing and generally i enjoy the game, kinda black prophecy meets world of tanks. It isnt quite what i had expected bun fun while playing. That being said there are definitely a few downfalls. In particular (for me anyway)

#1…default controls only in beta, i’m trying to deal but probably will not be proficient at the game until i can get my fingers to work right.

#2…wait times, i understand this is still beta and once the player base is improved this will be greatly alievated but for now it has ranged from 20 seconds to 12 minutes. that’s 12 minutes of me watching the ‘players in queue’ number go up and down and up and down. just makes me think i could do something else with all that time.

#3…Lack of ingame tooltips, in particular when buying ships there are no ship details that i could find to decide what i really want or what to save for. it took a while to find weapon basic descriptions but found them eventually ingame, but i did see another post on people looking for them and i replied where to find them.

All in all though it is still fun to play and i hope some of these items will be addressed later on. Anythoughts from others would be great to hear.

Well, with this being beta, your input is very important to how the game develops. I had the same list of 3 things that stuck out to me when i fist started the game as well, as im sure many others have as well. If you and I both have the same ideas, i’m sure other have too, and if we voice these opinions, i sure we can bring change. Many of us have already asked for customizable controls because as of right now, as you said in #1, there are only the default available to use. I despise having to reach all the way up to ‘F1’ and ‘F2’ every time i wish to switch my weapon mods. Its an awful stretch. Adding another voice to our plea for personalized controls is great, as im sure Error is on here somewhere and will pass along to the developers that we want it. *Cough* Do it Error! *cough* :slight_smile: I have been meaning to create a thread about you #2 up there, but i am not sure if there is already a topic about it or not, ill have to look. Ive had to wait up to 17 minutes before for a game due to the time i was on and the low player base of the beta. More people are being added every day, so it has been getting better. But what i was going to suggest is that we should be able to minimize the “Searching” window so that we can look at our skill tree and look at our ship equips and what not while we wait, because staring at a couple revolving circles for a minute or two is hard enough, and waiting the full three minutes is just brutal. It would be nice to be able to do other things while we wait. And #3 is yet another thread i have been meaning to start in the suggestion section of the forums. Every other game i have ever played has showed the stats of the vehicle before you buy it. I wish it were the same in Star Conflict. It is very disappointing to buy a new ship, only to realize that it doesn’t have space for a large rocket, meaning you wasted all of your hard earned credits just to NOT be able to carry in your nuke. It would be great if the basic ship stats could be listed in the shop window before purchase. Such as the number of weapon mods, passive mods, and active mods slots available, as well as if the hull, shield, capacitor, engine, or computer slots are open as well.

The only way to bring about change is to point out that things need changing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post, and i hope that these things get changed as well. You have my support!

Happy gaming,


Thnx for the input. And about the #2 up there- I waited the 12 mins and then left queue and reentered and it was 1:40 wait, don’t know if just luck the second time but i suggest simply re-q if time goes over 4-5 mins.

From what i can tell, the queue has to find a good match for you before it lets you into the game. It tries its hardest to avoid putting T1 and T2 players against T3 or T4 players. It also tries to avoid 1 player and the rest bot teams. The system likes to put as many people as it can in a game in the most time efficient and balanced manner. Once you pass the 3:00 mark though, the system will dump you in a fight with the first match it finds for you. Before 3 minutes, the system will try to group you up with other players, meaning it will find a match for you, but still wait until there are more players available before dumping you in the game. Once the 3 minute mark comes, you are put in with as many matches as it has found instantly.

My suggestion is to just wait it out after the 3:00 mark as at that point, you are dumped in a fight as soon as a match comes up, where as when you go and requeue, the timer will be reset, meaning you may find a match, but the system will wait to see if it can find more matches before it will put you in a fight. I hope that made sense. :stuck_out_tongue: