First impressions

Ok, first day of testing is done, and i’m here with my first impressions:

  • The first thing everyone can see playing is the graphics level: i like it a lot! I play in 1680x1050 with al to the max (AA, filter etc) and the game is really great to see, colors, effects, explosions, etc etc. I like also the ships design. I play few, but sometimes i see the game as spectator and i’ve see a lot of beautiful ships that i hope to pilot.

Conclusion: about the graphic side, great work, especially for an MMO. Also the framerate it’s ok, i play with vsync on and i haven’t see the max fps i’ve reached, but the most important thing is that i don’t have see fps drop during play.

  • Lot of weapons, ships, modules, mods, missiles, etc. Another great thing, because variety of configuration is assured. Initially it’s a little dispersive, because a new player have to learn how anything works… and maybe this means a waste of credit for wrong shopping, but after that, when a player know better the system, realize that it’s really good and anyone can choose a personal configuration with a lot of possibility.

Anyway i think that when the game reach the next step, with a complete translation, more details about ships characteristics etc, all becomes more easy to understand for non russian player.

EDIT: I’ve se that with the today update, all the objcets name/description in the shop etc, are translated :wink:

  • Gameplay: only pvp… i love :fed006: after playing different other games with lot of asteroids mining, repetitive missions etc etc, play only to combat is great and i like.

I like also the various special modules installed on the ships. That increase the strategic use of every single ship, and you learn to play any ship with different styles and different positions in the battle. Also about this, i’m tired of games with bigger ships that play as light fighters and similar. In Star Conflict a frigate with long range weapons and her special module don’t need to go on the first line, because can do long shots and play as sniper or doing suppression fire from a secure position, or can do a defensive role, for beacons defense, etc.

I don’t talk of other things like variety of maps, matchmaking, and similar, because it’s an early release and the player number is low, and because that, i can’t judge well different aspects of the game, and for do this, i wait next releases.

The actual opinion is that Star Conflict with the actual release reveal a great potential and a great base for build a greater game. It’s already great to see and play, but for now lot of things is missing… and with all the features implemented, i think SC become more, more beautiful.

Well, I’m without time to enter in the game with more frequency, but I have my first impression.

I liked the graphics and the sound. The effects of explosions are very good.

I´m having dificult to control the ship, but is not a big problem. The smaller ship has the control sensible a lot.

Talking about ships, the ships are beautiful so, congratulations to the developers.

See you in space.