First impression

Leave. Stupid post.

These are issues with your PC then, I haven’t had any problems.

Go ahead and leave please, wouldn’t wanna see your anger issues again anyways lol.

To elaborate on that…

Due some server issues ( over crowded ) It does happen.

But to me it did not happen alot, at least not that much that i rage uninstalled the game and sued steam.


But then again ,.,. it IS BETA so you should be happy you can even login…


Ive been playing this game for a few days now. And it is really that good.

The  P2W and the aspect of FTP is quite well balanced.


The grapics of the game are also nice to look at. 

And the controls, to me they are really good.


hats of to the devs on here, for making a nice ( eve patch )


ps ,. when do we get  " walking in stations"

My first impression of this game is terrible, cannot connect to server.  I searched the forums found some workarounds that other people have used and nothing.  My thoughts: This game can suck it Gaijin can suck it, game is uninstalled won’t be playing it or buying jack xxxx from this outfit.  I can wait for Star Citizen!


Leave the forum.

I usually don’t post angry…it happens.