First 1945/2000 GS premium sale?

When was the first 1945 (Victory Day, May 9) / 2000 (New Year’s, Jan 1) GS sale for premium ships?

This certainly was not in existence in 2013/2014, when I bought my prems, as I checked my cache for Jan 1 and May 9.


Its like an ultra old tradition afaik, Most i can find as proof is this  9may_en_wall_1920x1080_logo.jpg

Seems like it started with dreads, maybe earlier.

So May 9th, 2015 (as I’d assumed) or was it Jan 1st, 2016?

Anyone have a sale screen from cache to confirm, or some other source?

There has only been one 1945 sale, since 70 year anniversary. They don’t do it every year. And the new year sales are usually very short. First I am aware of was 2015.

They always cost what the year is, so 2015 GS in 2015, 2016 GS in 2016 and so on. It’s very brief tho.

Actually, I found a reference May 9th, 2014 here:

1 year before Dreadnoughts. However, that’s odd as I was there during that time, and I have no such sales in my cache, or any memory of them. Oh well, that solves the question anyways. New years began 2015 at the earliest. 2014 New year’s was 60% off premiums. That would have been when I bought mine, probably. Once again, early supporters get shafted.