Fire support, bug on map collider

This is absolutely revolting. Fire support cheated to make me loose : It sent me outside of the map with no way to get back in (and all projectiles are stopped by the extremity of the map).

I was forced to watch my team desperately trying to kill the cruiser, in vain, while having nothing better to do then drinking a cup of tea. 


How did it happens ? I don’t really know. I was sitting on the cruiser spawn before it appears with my sweat Mauler, blocking his spawn. Then I activated Reverse Truster to start the final round of Fire Support. But when the module activated, it sent me outside of the map with no going back (Reverse truster to get back in doesn’t work). 


I don’t know exactly why it happened, or if I can do it one more time. But it did.

Proof ? 





Have fun fixing that bug !


I posted nearly exactly the same thing few months back same scenario but I reversed thrusted up not from cruiser spawn but near the back only up. Maybe make the map bigger or put invisible walls there?

It is known. It’s also known, if you use Kraken, that if you’re on the edge of the map, your fire-rate decreases and you can only fire up with one weapon at a time.

This map is still bugged and prone to crashes.