Fire issue

Hi all, given that it’s not a ‘new’ issue since I have already in the past. Then I will be off-line for almost a years cause life & stuff I will join again in these days and this particular issue come back and I really don’t know what’s happens. No one seems have this issue or at least not mentioned asaik. In few words, when I repeatedly click on left mouse button for shooting some ‘click’ are not recognized by the game. No, is not a software/hardware mouse problem. In any other game (including games much more heavy on CPU/GPU) is not (and will never in the past) happens.
Another thing is that this happens only inside battle scenario. For example if I’m at hangar and try to repeatedly left-click on some item, I can cleary see that the opening/closing popup’s are fluid and linear, so no ‘holes’ between clicks. Could be a ping/lag issue then but sincerly I can’t say for sure cause I have FTTH (600/500 Mb/s). Also I’m connected with Russia as preferred server and, in the last battle, I have 25-35 ping…
Did someone else has or had has in the past this issue? Any idea what could be the cause?
Thanks anyone. Regards :wave: