Find that Corporation! [Contest]


Alright it’s time for another scavenger hunt! This time you will be given a series of hints. These hints all lead to something within the game. Find these somethings and PM me with what you found. If you found the right thing, I will say so. As players make progress, I will publish hints for everyone here. I will not post the solutions to the hunt until the very end. The first person to give me the answer wins!


Reward: Genericorp! A generic corporation with a fully loaded Federation dreadnought, 50,000 iridium, and 250 player slots!




2: Travel Unlock Build Alien


3:Hint19286.png.c2c154ce956e22747f1cbd29cbb79bbd.png Where can you find peanut butter and the answer to the universe.


4: Hint190823.png.6846f54fd5814acf750ad48b6289936b.png


5: Hint198762.png.d0949fc52f082df4dd0216c797baff71.png “What’s green and has wheels?”


6: Nobody asked for it but everyone needs it. It keeps track of stuff and helps you find it.







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Didn’t realize it was still locked. Oops. Xp

So I guess nobody wants it. Oh well.