Final days! Star Conflict: Relic. Deluxe edition



Pilots! Pack “Star Conflict: Relic. Deluxe edition” are now available in the official project’s store. The pack will be available for a limited time until August 9.


Star Conflict: Relic. Deluxe edition

The pack includes:

  • Rank 17 Jericho destroyer Relic
  • “Heavy Gauss-cannon G2” weapon
  • Unique module “Cluster torpedo”


Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Decor “Phoenix Wings”
  • Pattern “Crimson storm”
  • Pattern “Traffic”
  • Portrait “Jericho destroyer commander”


Additionally, the pilot receives the modules:

  • Main caliber
  • Landing platform
  • Wormhole projector
  • Gravitational lens
  • Photon emitter
  • Devastator beam
  • Auxiliary shield projector
  • Multipurpose shield
  • Crystal plates
  • Multiphase Generator


Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 90 days!


Star Conflict Team!