Final days! Pack “Star Conflict: Polar Bear”



Pilots! The pack “Star Conflict: Polar Bear” will be available for a limited time until March 22. The ship will be available to pilots with no time limit.



Star Conflict: Polar Bear

This pack includes

  • Federation guard frigate “Polar Bear” 11 Rank
  • Unique weapon


Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Unique portrait “General Frost”


Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!


Not so long ago, in the “Ice pits” location of the Olympus system, new extremely unusual ships were seen, as if frozen in ice. It turned out that these were the secret laboratories developments of the private corporation Klauss Inc. An experimental prototype to test the latest technology.


It was rumored that the improved version of the frigate “Grizzly”, being developed in the conditions of harsh and cold space, was initially not supposed to tolerate external changes. As the designers themselves said, their task was to improve the combat characteristics at any cost. Due to the difficult working conditions in the “Ice pits” location, during development the ship began to be covered with a unique crystalline-iridium crust, similar to the one mined in the Alpha-7 sector. Extremely low temperatures, close to absolute zero, made it possible to use this in favor of the ship - the “Ice” formed on the ship significantly added combat power and armor. In addition, interaction with iridium in such conditions can change the course of the battle in its own direction - the ship can direct its “ice” power at enemies!


Miss Frost, one of the most trusted representatives of Klauss Inc., invites pilots to independently test the latest development and take part in tests. The ship has temporarily become available for purchase to all mercenaries in the border sectors. And the obtained data will help in improving the weapons and ships of the corporation. 


The first one who volunteered to test the ship was one of the people close to Miss Frost, the battalion commander of “Klauss Inc.”, also known as “General Frost”. This pilot will always find an approach to the cold, and finding it to the ice ship is no problem for him! According to test results, the General liked the ship so much that he personally ordered a batch of ships for his fighters, seeking to create a real, “Ice” army.