Fighting higher tier ships

Please revert this desicion asap. I will NOT continue to play if this system is kept.

I just logged out now in disgust at this very moronic change.

’ Most ’ players value being at an equal or similar footing whilst playing pvp oriented games. You’ve basically destroyed what fun there was in this game via that one ‘tweak’.

here is my perspective as a relatively weak player. 


because of this tweak I am being matched with my t3 ship into games with lots of T1 players. 


The problem with T1 is that they don’t understand the basics of how the game is played. In this I mean don’t understand that domination is about maintaining beacon control, that detonation is about moving bombs around the map, et cetera. 


So the game is really random and uninteresting with lots of people just dog-fighting randomly. Which is why I left T1 behind me and never looked back, whereas T2 is fun for me even if I lose more than i win. 


Sure, I win more now. But I don’t get to play the fun game anymore either. Because I’ve been put back into T1 - the tier I left not because the ships sucked, but because the game wasn’t sufficiently learned by the players around me. 

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