Fighters and blast damage

so far it seems like fighters take full self-blast damage while other fighters hit by the same explosive don’t.

steps to reproduce:

1-get 2 similar HP fighters, 1+ of them with a torpedo mount.

2-get them at point blank range and let one fire a torpedo at the other

3-compare damage taken

what torpedo you use? i thought only rocket (unguided, means from interceptors) and nuke (frigate) have AOE…

i’m using tier 2 torpedos here. you can unlock them by researching “EMI Warhead Rocket”

hmm… so you mean the torpedo user not gettin any damage? maybe it doesnt have AOE?

or if really bugged like that… this explain how the nuke user safe from pointblank nuke launch…

seems we also need AOE range for missiles and torpedo in their desciption status … especialy for nuke…

I actually mean the player who launched the torpedo actually takes MORE damage than the one hit by it on that scenario.

interceptors have a smaller self-damage multiplier(so i’m not sure whether that’s intended). i never managed to test it on frigates though

EDIT: medium missiles also have AoE

Maybe the one who got hit had some armor against this dmg type? EMI Warhead deals EMP dmg. Medium missiles thermal. Also hull and shield can be modded with resistance against any type of dmg. For a valid test i recommend to uninstall all these mods and test it again.

/fixed and closed.