"Fight Club" feedback

So with the update today we got the new Brawl game mode - Fight Club; and unfortunately it is  seriously flawed  on all the wrong levels.


So for the main point:

The matchmaking is atrocious.


Why? In the 8 or so matches of Fight Club I played today I loaded into primarily  **1v1s**  which the game mode has no late join. In regular PvP I'd be fine with dealing with a 1v1 game mode but with seed chips in play other players give up hope far quicker when they get... how to put it lightly... face rolled - resulting in a draw for the player who remained in the match and an unfun experience for everyone involved.


How could this be changed?

Quite simply: don’t start a match unless at least 5 players have been found. Only one of my matches today involved more than one player and in none of the matches did I actively pursue the “kill cap” as to avoid making the other players involve rage quit.


Making sure at least 5 players are in the battle at minimum should at least give somewhat of a diverse player pool rather than one or two players who are obscenely chipped backed by some unfortunate new players who just wanted to try the mode out.


Point two;  Tornado needs to have specific rules for this game mode.



Quite simply; as a rank 16 ship the Tornado can be very decently chipped out and then equipped with Ion Emitters. In turn this means if you put both together and then split you suddenly have an Aimbot of death.
So why is this more of a problem than Thi’lith or Tai’Thaq?
Simple: The twin doesn’t count as a kill. If you simply stack some sensor range, split, move to the top of the map and send the twin to hunt down players then there is almost no risk of being completely killed or feeding points to other players giving Tornado players a severe advantage over other ships.


How could this be changed?

Make the twin count as a player kill. 


This would require Tornado players to think about their engagements and give incentive to not just spam the twin on other players or to at the very least give other players a  chance  to beat a Tornado player in this mode if they are able to outrange the twin.


And the final point (for now);  The kill count needs to be dynamic.



Quite simply the maximum kill count isn’t very possible nor fun to reach on low population games. Although in high population games it may be resonable to meet it simply isn’t fun to chase when in a 5 man game or less.


How could this be changed?

Similar to regular team battle the total kill count required should vary depending on the player count in the match.

So for example; if there is:
3 players - 12 kills

5 players - 15 kills

7 players - 20 kills

8 or higher - maximum (30)


That’s about all I have to say for now. The mode could be fun but the major MM issues and having to play around the mindset of other players and avoiding making them rage quit takes the experience out of it.

Yep. Gaming.

To be completelly honest, this brawl is utterly idiotic considering that its narrowed , AGAIN, to another boring experience of 2-3 builds that either make you farm or being farmed. Its either wolfhound thi’lith, tornado ions or tai’thaq tai’kins. Seriously, any other ship/build/variation of ANYTHING else is invalid, you will get killed. That’s no.1 reason why this thing is not popular and why it is not played at all. I do not really know who thought, that chipped ships in PvP are fun. Not even remotely fun, far from it…from a bus…on a different road…in a different city on a different goddamn planet. That is how unfun it is. It is always the stupid endpoint of whether you have chips that are ridiculously OP or not. So no, unless there is some grounded, well thought of standart that either bans these ships/builds from participating in it or other kind of limit, I will stand by my opinion of Fight Club being the biggest bullcrap put into the game. I’d dare to say that even even Beetle in an Anthill is a better play on chance, and that is something…