Fifth Ellydium project: Crystal plates research


UMC has received new contracts from the Broker. We remind you that during the summer you will be involved in research projects of his new employer — ‘Ellydium’ corporation. Complete missions and be the first to get your hands on Alien technology.

Ellydium prepared six projects in total that will be researched throughout this summer.

It’s time to start the fifth project. Get a blueprint of the new active module using Alien technology that can be mounted on all ships of rank 6, except destroyers!

Here are the new Broker missions.

Crystal plates research


The Broker’s mission:

  • Deal 20000 damage to the enemy in PvP, using the Alien ‘Energy converter’ module
  • As a reward you will receive a free ‘Xeno-expert’ bundle.

In theory, understanding the Signal Converter’s principle of operation will enable Ellydium to advance their projects far beyond small modules and weapons. Previously large accumulations of liquid crystals lost their shape or became uncontrollable, but now maintaining the largest structure in the right condition is only a matter of time. And data. And data. That my employer expects to receive from the mercenaries using their Energy Converters.

Field demolition


The Broker’s mission:

  • Complete special operation ‘Destroyer’
  • As a reward you will get a special container with living crystals

The events of recent months, not only significantly advanced the science of understanding the nature of aliens, but also helped a new angle to look at the old achievements. Now it is clear that many of the technologies based on Alien artifacts were used blindly, and operated less efficiently than they otherwise would. Ellydium Corporation has succeeded in developing new weapons and energy redistribution systems. Now they have decided to launch serious research of Alien shield generators. Your task is to collect data about the Destroyer.

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