Field demolition

An urgent task from the Broker! This is a time-limited offer. The task will be valid till 03-00 MSK September 12th.

The Broker’s mission

  • Complete the special operation ‘Destroyer’
  • As a reward you will receive a unique Alien module blueprint ‘Crystal plates’ to be installed on all rank 6 ships!
  • 10 containers with living crystals.

For a limited time ‘Crystal plates’ will only be available to those who complete the Broker’s task!

The events of recent months not only significantly advanced our understanding of the nature of Aliens, but also helped to look at the old achievements from a new angle. Now it is clear that many of the technologies based on Alien artifacts were used blindly, and operated less efficiently than they otherwise would. Ellydium Corporation has succeeded in developing new weapons and energy redistribution systems.Now they have decided to launch serious research of Alien shield generators. Your task is to collect data about the Destroyer.

Due to the Broker’s urgent departure to the мetropolitan Area the next missions will become available after a little while.





Attention! Destroyer SO will be available tomorrow! Prepare your ships and gather your friends!

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