Few maps get the game boring ...

Everything is in the title, i’m a Rank 6 Fighter with ‘Machete type S’ MAX Level.

I’ve played all the map so much ! It really begin to bother me. I don’t want to denigrate the game, be sure i still really like the game !!

but i think if there is no more maps in the futur, it would be a problem. I suggest to make a menu with at least 10 maps, in which you can

choose one you want to play.

Obviously there are going to be more maps.


If you look around the forum and previous patch notes you’ll see maps are added every now and then and more maps as well as game modes are being worked on.


Wish they wouldn’t limit themselves so much by dedicating maps to specific tiers, why not have all available for tiers 2 and up?

well do realise this is an arena type game, as such the entire gameplay is about perfecting specific task on a very small amount of preset maps.

if that doesnt entertain then its a need to move to something else and just play it for what it is an arena space game :slight_smile:

@ Leonick :

if i’ve understood well, you are saying each ship’s level fits with a map’s category ? for exemple i have a T2 fighter so can’t play to one type of map ?


if it’s true, that would answer many of questions, i’ve played a lot since the last update and i couldn’t play the Tar sector for a while !


@ tjaranis :I continue to believe the dev team will prepare something better than instantiated sectors, the game deserves better …