Few issues with new ship tree: Clicking on a ship in hangar and assigment of ships for mission

With new ship tree I found these issues.


  1. When ship tree is opened and I click on a ship in my hangar I expect do get to that ship in ship tree. In new vertical ship tree nothing happens. Since scrolling through vertical ship tree is much more slower (less ships on a page, poor scroll wheel), this feature is kinda missing a lot.


2a) Assigning ships to mission. When double clicking a ship in ship tree that ship was assigned to a mission to first empty slot. Now doubleclicking assings ship to first slot and you need to drag&drop ships to other slots to get them all filled.


2b) When I scroll in ship assigment windows to empty slots and drag&drop ship there, the little window scrolls at the beginning, so I need to scroll again if I want to put another ship into empty mission slot.


Logs attached :slight_smile:

[2016.01.14 08.23.04.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=10439)

Not a bug, work as intended, but will be modified.