felony border suggest

its sooo great! good one, i fall for it every fraking time! that special hidden loot signal that comes from a rock :smiley:

very funny, it really reminds how fantasticly stupid i am, thank you for reminding me.


i would like to suggest to… give me a rocket that can dig a hole in that rock… i want that loot :smiley: please?

can i? please devs? can you please at least move that thing OUT of the in accessable place? can you do that? please? pretty please??

i cant resist but to shot and bump into that place, i look like crazy dog digging for that bone… only thing is missing is ability to bark (on my ship) (i bark all the time when im around that signal otherwise)



I often spend far too long trying to get in range of that sweet spot in white from my Special Scanners.


Sometimes I feel I am going round and round in my own unique orbit of said rocks, just to find the hidden goodness it conceals.


If colision damage were a constant foe, I would never get the promised goodies, due to the nose of my ship being bashed in constantly due to crashing into rocks to find the treasures they may hold !


(Though more often these days, the “treasure” is a fecking 4000 crdit piece of junk, or some such useless mystery, as to the trip not being worth the effort to begin with…)


(+1 for including Pooches in your post though, if if they are just Pugs !)

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