Feedback and improvement suggestion

I am back for a bit over a month and did quite some open spaces sorties to get neodium. I got a bad feeling. Most of the time I played PvP or PvE mission and does not feel like I needed to GRIND. Now I feel that grinding is a need. I hate that but I like the open space concept as a whole.


Economy :


_ Put the Ore/crystal inside the Asteroïd don’t make them floating stone that really unimmersive.

_ Create large Ore/crystal Deposit that allow to get several of same. This will limit the grind (you still have to find them and take time to collect them, you can be pirated BUT you get several of the type you need, far more fulfilling). The spacial scanner should detect them.

_ Create a concession item that tell you the localisation of a large deposit of the ore/crystal you want (the biggest the farthest from station). Again it make for meaningful sortie and not random grind. The cost should be in credit not GS as spatial scanner can detect large deposit.

_ You can create a mining drone to mine large deposit (so mining would come at a cost in fire power).



Mission :


_ the unidentified mineral respawn way too fast make looking for other spot useless (by the time you took the 3rd one, the first have respawn and can be taken again). Very unimmersive.

_ Have the group share all mission (primary and secondary). This will encourage team play.


Rogue status :


The system is unsatisfactory at the present. I prefer the system in Elite.

_ Offense create a bounty toward the offended faction they are commited. This faction and only this faction become hostile. The player will register as having as rogue to the player having this faction flag (see below) or being neutral and being in the faction space that put the bounty. Each Offense will vreate a bounty/fine according to the nature of the offense.

_ Create a button that allow to pay the fine when you are attacked by police ship! or when dock. I think that it would be nice to be able to pay the fine when you want actually because I am often an agressor because of friendly fire (I love friendly fire) and I would like to clear my agressor status fast. If you destroyed an innocent ship you can no longer clear your name by paying the fine.

_ give offended player the option to not report the crime if they don’t want too.

_ Fine are link to ship and reset to 0 when the ship is destroyed and not rebuild in space.

_ Create the ability to wear the flag of the faction you undock from. This way you will always be hostile player and NPC wearing a different flag (the faction are at war right?) this way you don’t get rogue for attacking enemy faction. You can chose to go neutral (you will register as orange unless you have abounty toward a faction). This has great potentail as PvP in Open Space : you can create mission to attack in ennemy space and create Mission to defend the same spot.


_ This bounty system can lead to Faction creating mission to hunt well known offender.


+many yes

Actually, rather than mining those deposits oneself, things would be more interesting if one instead called for an NPC mining ship. One would have to escort it to the location, shoo away pirates while it is doing its thing, and then head back to the gate together.

Make a suggestion for it! Go! Now! X3

Make a suggestion for it! Go! Now! X3

You should read the suggestion forum. There is already a suggestion with a mining ship.

  • from me, a bit detailed but better than we have now