feedback and game balance

Dear Star Conflict Dev team.

I’ll list and argue about in-game problems which really bothers me :

Very fast about me in this game, that may help you to understand my pov : casual gamer since beta, barely reached T5, mainly play in T2 with recon/covop/tackler

  • as an interceptor pilot, i find the game less fun for pvp than around 1 year ago, here are the reasons :

* fighting against frigballs (large team of frigates) is frustrating, boring and slow (especially since the update that give them more way to defend themselves at close range, now being a mobile interceptor is not that a big advantage) , and i fear that with the destroyer update, it become more and more true : more frigballs, more annoying fights. Basically, i really enjoyed star conflict for its nervous and dynamic interceptors dogfights. If you can give to players the opportunity to get in matchmarking for interceptors games only, that would be REALLY great, i think.

* for T2 recon, i dont exacly know what’s changed in comparison with last year, but i have the feeling that i have a lesser damage output, and mines explosions are less powerfull (i use to play shield drain + mines + lasers), i also have the feeling that the triggering limit for mines explosions was reduced, which make them even more hard to use. All of this it makes the recon now totally useless for any game mode which is not based on beacons.

* about some of the new maps (which are too small for beacons games) and considering the range of frigates, any ship can be countered easily to capture beacon.

  • T2 and T3 ships are sometimes mixed, would you please configure matchmarking to disable T3 destroyers against T2 ships teams ? because considering how much damages they can tank or provide, it totally unbalanced. T2 ships dont have tools to beat them. i guess it will could be the same for T4 destroyers in T3 games and T5 destroyers in T4.

  • now that T3 modules and weapons can be equipped on lesser tiers, would you consider to scale down stats of weapons and modules to the current played tier just for the game ? for example : if i’m going to T2 with T3 orange weapon, it will be way too easy to schred T2 ships, and i’ll have an unfair advantage, so scaling down stats to have T2 orange stats and not T3 would balance the game a bit more.

  • open space drop mechanics for ressources gathering would lead anyone to suicide (just kidding huh), considering that non premium ships have only few inventory slots, and the fact that you never loot the ressource you are looking for, it can be very very very very long and exhausting to farm ressources from openspace. so, paying users are strongly advantaged to build destroyer or Secret project ship. Ressources drop mechanics from pvp are too limited too to craft a ship without taking years, Did you guys took the time to play your own game as free user ?

  • I don’t enjoy this game that much since more and more auto-aim weapons are used (drones, tackler turrets, interceptor EM shotgun and phasers).
    I can understand for drones and tackler because these are basic tool for some ships mechanics and they are limited by a big cooldown, but main weapons with auto aim mechanic ? are you kidding ? interceptors are weak, this kind of weapons dont leave them a chance, it is frustrating.

  • i bought some rare destroyers parts from the bundle for 270 GS because i missed a part of the event due to christmas, and i really dont find that’s an honest policy to let ppl buy something “random”, or at least just give one neodium. because when i bought and opened some of them, i really had the feeling that gaijin entertainment took me for a jerk. Same problem for getting monocristals for 100 GS, that’s REALLY not honest !

Finally, sorry for my eventuals english mistakes, it’s not my native language.

Have fun coding !