Federation split tank balance issues?

Jericho and Empire both specialize in either shield or hull. This means that their defensive mods (active and passive) have a higher ROI than they do for federation. For instance, if I am in a shield tanked ship and put a shield extender on I get a bigger bonus than I would in a federation ship. The same is true for hull, or with coupling it to an active mod.

This seems like a major balance problem. The only way around it I could think of is to make federation the “offensive” race, giving them a boost to damage output relative to the others. But v0v, may e this isn’t even a problem. Is anyone else bothered by this?

I’m having a really hard time getting the Fed frigates to work, the jack of all trades thing rarely works well in PvP it seems.

Fed ships usually are faster, and in this game it is a form of defense to be able to move faster than your opponent.

Yeah, there’s something wrong with a ship with a special ability that only works inside of 1500m having the worst defenses in its class, obviously. Even some fighters have comparable shield/hull when outfitted properly. Federation frigates are a joke right now, they are basically cannon fodder and speed is irrelevant for frigates anyway because how easy they are to hit - they totally depend on their tanks. The drones only have 125 HP, iirc and they both die to splash damage from even the weakest missile in the game. This entire line of frigates needs a serious buff. And we all know how broken the other two factions’ frigates are.


I hope the Gaijin doesn’t make the mistake other devs make and just shovel out new content without prioritizing balance.

Fed ships usually are faster, and in this game it is a form of defense to be able to move faster than your opponent.

I didn’t realize that, I would say that qualifies as a balance (I think). This doesn’t adress the special abilities of course, which are pretty terrible for pvp (web and drones at least), but wrg to what I brought up this is a good balance.

I haven’t played much Fed frigate, but from what I’ve seen playing against them they are definitely the easiest to take down. The drones seemed to be designed to counter interceptor though with a single rocket attack I can take both out without sacrificing any dps to the frigate. IMO fed frigates are underpowered and need some attention.