Federation Skill 5 (Alpha-inhibitor 'cheetah')

So I just picked this skill up, text reads that it “increases maneuvering speed on pitch axis by 75%.”  For the life of me, I can’t tell any difference and there are no differences in any of my ship stats when I view the whole stat profile.  Anyone else found any fault with this?  For the life of me, I can’t tell any difference in play with any of the three classes of ships, including a T2 Fox.

Atm it seems like the max implant rank that will affect your ship is equal to the max synergy level of the ship at least from the few test i made but can’t find nothing about it around.

So since Fox as max synergy 4 you don’t get the bonus from rank5+ implants.

I’m pretty sure you only get implant bonuses up to the tech level of ship that you are piloting.  You need a T2 ship to benefit from that bonus, if you hold down shift and check the detailed stats on your T2 fox, it should be giving you a bonus to your horizontal and vertical strafe (using A to strafe left, D to strafe right, Space Bar to strafe up, Alt to strafe down).

Having a T2 ships doesn’t let you get bonus from all T2 implants