Federation Pilot Seeking Corporation

Greetings, fellow Star Conflict pilots.


I’m svtdriver86.  I’m 26, an engineering school graduate, and an active gamer with experience in World of Tanks (for the XBox 360, in case anyone’s wondering), and I found Star Conflict while looking on Steam a few days ago.  I gotta say, I’m impressed.  Especially since I love the whole space combat genre.


I’m looking for a Federation-affiliated Corporation interested in adding a competent, communicative member to their ranks.  I have T3 ships at this point, and I tend to enjoy using the Engineer-class ships to set up choke-points and ambushes and repair my teammates as I go.  I’m willing to adapt to different strategies, and I am still exploring the nuances of the game, so I’m open to any support I can get.


Thanks for taking the time to read this!  See you up in the vacuum.


  • svtdriver86

As a USA player who has T3 ship progression I would highly recommend you look at The NASA and The WolfPack as your first considerations. These are currently considered the more competitive corporations at the English speaking side of the community.

NASA has a very strong US player base, whilst WPK is more internationally orientated, with more EU players.

Unfortunately both are Empire-affiliated, so if this is an extremely strong part of your considerations, then you’re best looking at the[list of corporations and their affiliation](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20101-corporations-by-allegiance/).

don’t forget about us evil we are fed and active come over and check us out if you like


My apologies, I can indeed also recommend the friendly chaps at Steel Marauders.


Primarily a slightly different time zone, but very nice people nonetheless.

Thanks, guys.  I’ll check them out.