Federation Interceptor 'Peregrine'

Not so long ago we showed you 3d-model of our new interceptor ‘Peregrine’. Today we propose you to watch a special video about this ship!




This unusual Federation interceptor was designed according to special order from a certain patron, who wished to remain anonymous. The task was very simple: to use all the latest Federation technology in a small ship. When the first prototype of the ‘Peregrine’ was assembled, the engineers found that they simply did not have a sufficiently powerful on-board computer to control all the systems. But the project had to be completed, so the engineers had a tough decision to make. They copied biomorph technology and replaced all of the ship’s wiring with an organic neural network. The on-board computer became a bionic brain. Naturally, the vessel did not have a complete artificial intelligence, yet in testing it proved to be quite… predatory. The assembled ship’s blueprints have been donated to the Federation fleet and UMC.