Federation Gunship Tiger M Rank 11

I’ve been playing with the Tiger M for a while, is my highest ship in Federation and now is at high synergy. Well…is my highest ship in all Factions.

I am feeling most of the time useless…the guns does no damage compared to other ships and it has no resilience.

Destroyers and now the Thar’Ga kill me in 3 shots. I have to hit a lot lot lot more to kill some one if I am lucky enough if no one locks me.

Plus I am trying to do hit and run with that ship ussing the Overload hability…well is not enough. That usually wont work.

Maybe if the Overload is used in a Federation ship…that would increase the speed and/or time. Becouse I think that the Imperial ships are well balanced with its hull and damage increase.

What do you think…Ive made a bad choice with this ship or it needs some fix?

I thoung speed, energy regeneration and fire rate was increased by overload. For both the Fed and Empire. I supose your problem is you get to the hard level (rank 11-15 of MM) and leave behing the mid level. You are been murdered by thar’gas and destroyers there (and that’s the usual thing in ranks 11-15 right now).

Keep learning and read all this good [tips from pilots.](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/32664-tips-from-pilots-discussion/)

You are probably playing wrong. At this moment Thar-Ga’s are still op but Tiger-M is a decent ship. Here are few ideas I hope will help you:

  1. Gunships are awesome but require skill since you can’t play from safe positions. The higher the rank the faster is the game. Perhaps you need some training to do what you did on lower ranks faster?

  2. Use smart ship fitting and crew configuration. May I suggest you take a look at this one? I use this build and it works:






Would you care to share your fit with us? I would fly this ship exactly like I would fly a Wolf-M in rank 9. I would have double adaptives, lots of rotation speed and bubbles/firestorm for high damage bursts and diving movement. Active modules: aiming overcharge, combat reboot, hull rep, shield rep. (alternatively replace hull rep for speed module to get away faster)

2 hours ago, MightyHoot said:

Try this:


That’s actually an impressive build, coming from you XD I’d probably put kinetic resist instead of the missile pylons and shield rep instead of hull (since adaptive only apply to shield and lower cooldown) but apart from that, I would definitely fly that build.

This is how I’ve typically set up Tiger-M. The ammunition used is Focusing Lens. Implants J1, F2, J3, J4, I5, F6, F7, I8, J9, J10, F11.

Not using this one too often due to the silly ship lineup rank limitations.


Tillowaty has a great build.

Stop using random active modules and use the recommended ones. (figuring in Tillo’s build)

Replace that ammo with supercooled ones, works better.
Remember that your ship’s survivability depends on your maneuverability, especially for a Fed gunship.

So now we are throwing our Tiger-M builds in? Alright.