Federation Frigates

Maybe I am missing something but I just wanted to see from other players what the big advantage of the Federation Frigates is?


Jerico Frigates have manual guided missiles, and Empire Frigates have long range cannons.  Federation is all about the Drones that they have which I thought was a cool idea at first because while I saw they had a ~1500 max range for shooting that to me made it seem like it was the in your face brawler of the Frigates.  Though I am seeing now that seems farther from the truth then I had originally thought.  It seems to have the same defensive capability as other factions Frigates and even less in some cases as I had an Jerico frigate of the same level as me take some brutal punishment and defeated me in the end anyways.


Am I missing something?

I can’t see it either. Drones are terrible compared to other faction that can snipe at 10-17k range. 

Same goes for Interceptors - the web ability is just bad…

Fighters - cloak is ok, but having an insta win button like Empire ships would be preferable …  

It needs buffs. Bout it. 

skills are something being looked at.


i liked the idea i had for the skills.






frigate abilities get a charge stack every few seconds and they get stronger


empire - large aoe beam (does dps not impact, bot over a 500 square meter radius)

fed - builds up to 5 drones to send out and attack

jericho - builds missiles then releases all  (up to 7) of them to randomly attack  near by enemies


and i gave them specials for being used at full charge


empire - ROF (rate of ticks on dot set to 240rof up from 120)

fed - leader drone repairs team mates

jericho - can lock and use all missiles on 1 target

That sounds like a much better area of final balance then the current state.  After a few more matches last night as the Federation I made the jump to Empire.  I like the look and story of the Federation because it reminds me so much of Firefly, but the ships themselves just offer nothing to be competitive with the Empire or Jericho ships.  With this being a PvP game that kinda makes or breaks playing a faction as far as I am concerned.

Honestly I like the current setup. Yes, it’s true, the Federation ability isn’t as good for range as the Empire or Jericho are but maybe that isnt the point? Maybe it’s not supposed to be ranged? The federation frigates as it stands are better used support team mates in battle both with support modules and fire-power, the active ability gies some protection against things behind you.


Maybe the federation ability isn’t perfect and maybe it could use some tweaking but I do like that there is some differentiation between the factions, if you want a sniping frigate you simply pick the faction frigate that supports that.


The one frigate ability I currently feel really has to change is the Jericho one, I like the current idea of it but it feels to powerful. My current idea which keep its concept but scales it back a bit would be to reduced the radius by quite a bit, then you’d actually have to aim with it (rather than just blow up anywhere near a target and be able to one shot many interceptors and kill a somewhat damaged fighter), decreasing the blast radius would also mean less friendly fire which there is quite a bit of currently.

Oh i’m not saying I don’t like the idea of drones for the Federation, they are just a joke atm.  Even the most basic rocket/missile in the game will destroy both drones.  I’ve also noticed as I am now playing Empire that Federation Frigates seem to have the lowest HP/Shield amount in the game.  So not only are you restricted to closer range combat then the others but you also are weaker then them.  Its a double hit against the Feds.


My personal suggestion would be to increase count of the Drones, and either improve their HP/Hull/Def or greatly reduce the CD.  ~45 sec for an ability that can be removed with the WEAKEST rocket in the game in 1 shot is unbalanced to say the -least- about it.  Then increase the Feds Hull/Shields so that they become front line support by not only mods but bringing a little bit of fire support and taking hits for their allies.


My T1 Empire ship easily had more Hull/Shield then the T2 Federation counterpart.  Heck the T2 Empire ship I am in has almost 3k shield and 1k hull advantage over the Federation counterpart, and I sit at 12k M from the fight.  What do I need 4k more life when i’m outside of the range of getting hit?

Agreed. Fed frigates definitely need some attention, because there doesn’t appear to be much use for them in their current state. If they are going to lack a long range feature, then both hull and shields should be a lot stronger to compensate.


I’m actually surprised this didn’t get spotted by their internal testers, assuming they have any.

Federation Frigate proberly was designed more towards PvE support then PvP


However, the Fed Frigates do have Drones that can shoot down Missiles, so maybe they need to be buffed in that Area so the Drones have more range to shoot down missiles and maybe more often

Federation Frigate proberly was designed more towards PvE support then PvP


However, the Fed Frigates do have Drones that can shoot down Missiles, so maybe they need to be buffed in that Area so the Drones have more range to shoot down missiles and maybe more often


Well, I tried it in PvE as well, and as with PvP you are still priority target number one. My Lynx-M fighter lasts a hell of a lot longer under sustained fire, and dishes out just as much - if not more - damage in return.


Drones sound nice in theory, but once in game they don’t appear to do very much at all. Coupled with the inferior hull and shields when compared to the other factions, it’s not hard to see why Fed frigates are a rare sight!  

Federatioon specials on interceptors and frigates are the crappiest stuff in the game. Those specials are ABSOLUTELY ueseless comapred to other factions :frowning:


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Pls guys search and reead topics before openenig hundreds of threads on the same subject

I don’t understand why the two other factions have either better hulls or shields. They all fire from great distances. But us, federation frigates, get in close and we have weaker hull and shield… wtf?

And barely any dmg…



I suggest we get the best shields…

Maybe it is time to go the route of the Empire eh?  Damn yet another contract switch.