Federation Assignment: Hardened

The contact, D. Verner, wants me to reach reputation rank 3 with the Federation by buying ships of the corresponding rank.  I was already rank 8 when I received this mission and will not acknowledge I’m apast the rank it wants.  I own all the non-galactic standars ships from Rank 1 thru 4.  Please advise.

Confirmed, I am stuck there also with a Rank 9 reputation.


****Also note that this happens in the Empire version of Hardened also.


******And “Rookie” with Jericho (Rep of 2)

I am having the same problem, I hope they fix this!

Hello Dev’s, I have the same problem then this other boy’s, federation and jerico

Same problem here. While having this mission, this bug occured as I directly bought a lev 4 ship without owning any lev 3 ship.

I’m also having the same problem in the Empire version of “hardened”.

This bug has already been forwarded to the Devs :slight_smile: