Fed Fighter vs Jericho Fighter

Which one is the best out of those two? (I’m not getting Empire cuz with override, your ship is like impossible to fly properly) Can tell me of those 2 ships which has more HP, Shield, Turn rate, Speed, Resists, etc. Thanks. And do the Jericho’s phase shield work on the hull?

IMPORTANT: Just tried out Fed fighter, absolutely hated it. So now it’s Empire vs Jericho. 

Aside from phase resist ability, you can find all the rest of that information out yourself by hovering over ship in ship tree and holding down the Shift key.

Which one is the best out of those two? (I’m not getting Empire cuz with override, your ship is like impossible to fly properly) Can tell me of those 2 ships which has more HP, Shield, Turn rate, Speed, Resists, etc. Thanks. And do the Jericho’s phase shield work on the hull?

In my opinion,there is no “best ship” in this game,there is “best pilot” and “playstyle”.Empire fighter if u want quick burst,and quite a good amount of HP,Jericho fighter if u want more survive abilities,and stuff.However Jericho fighters are pretty good when combined with railguns,which gives them a plus.About the phase shields,what u mean “works on hull " ? If my memory is right,there are 2 jericho fighters,Tech and Raid,Tech fighter have the ability to increase his own damage when the takes damaged from the enemy,which equals his shield(ex,if he has thermal phase shields,and he takes damage from Thermal weapons,like lasers,it increases his damage for a duration”,Tech version otherwise is more survive based,if u take damage which equals the phase shield’s type it repairs your hull(Ex: They’re attacking you with EM weps,u have EM phase shields,10% of the total EM damage taken repairs your shield).

Eh I hear high tier it’s about Empire because the ability to kill your enemy faster trumps whatever survivability the Phase shield gets and the base stats of the Fed hinder their fighters more than the benefit of a cloak. Along with the massive number of customization options that open up and them all being percentage based means higher base numbers trump all.

I would buff the cloak ability a bit to even out the power vs the 3 but so far I might be the only one who thinks fed powers are overall less powerful thenthe other 2 factions. Fighters, along with frigs stand out to me as an issue. 60+% extra rate of fire/speed/energy/etc or +40 points of damage resist along with either extra damage or repair seems to trump 18-23 secs of cloaking.  Now 25-30 secs of cloaking or a shorter cooldown with a minor durration buff say 20-25 secs( over 18-23) and 50 sec cooldown would be ok too.

A short all-damage buff upon decloaking might make the ability more appealing for ambush attacks. The cloak is very handy, don’t get me wrong, but as it is with their inferior overall numbers and split tanking scheme (Passive slots can do shield OR hull hp/resists, but not both) they’re painfully difficult to optimize with % based upgrades. You’ll never hull tank as well as an empire fighter and you can’t shield tank as well as a Jericho, and you might aswell not even try to do both.

Worse is the fact their total hull and shield barely matches either max values for the other two fighters. Feds have a better top speed but that becomes moot in dog fights. 

Honestly if they upped the speed numbers a bit it could be important. A base Fox for example is flying around at around 192 m/s which I dont know the base of the other 2 factions but in game doesnt feel all that much faster.


What gets me is that in order ot get the full durration on the cloak you have to do nearly nothing but move meaning you might have 18 or 23 secs of cloaking open to you but you end up getting 8 or less because you used it to get an ambush on a frig. Meanwhile the empire did a similar ambush but with a 60% boost to its stats that will always get the full durration and isnt hurt for being active in the game.


Longer cloaking and/or shorter recharge would be good but it doesnt fix the issue that the cloak is a utility mechanic that stops you from being active in game while using it. It needs to be balanced with that in mind.

I was toying around with making my Fed Fighter(command) today as like a old school mmo bard and go full support and play midfield and try to just stay alive and helping people that are in a jam. 

I’m not much of a fighter pilot but I do have the “Bear” T3 fed fighter. I find it’s really good for guerrilla tactics. Hit-and-Run. I fly in, dish out as much damage as possible, with target painter, speed jammer, target jammer and valkerie mod, and plamsa weapons…it does a lot of damage fast.


Once I lose my shield and some of my hull, I press ‘F’ to cloak and fly back to a friendly support frigate to regenerate my health. It does well when it comes to getting kills while not FEEDING the enemy kills.


I can’t say much about the other fighters because I haven’t piloted them that much. I had moderately good success with empire fighters in Tier 1.

I have been flying Jericho since i registered. These are my observations on Jericho Fighters:


-Poor energy restoration (Short time afterburner)

-Rather slow

-Good damage soak on shield when you master the Phase shields.


You better stay a bit back from the front line: you lack the speed to get out of trouble, and the Phase shield can help you only vs. 1 kind of damage, so if you get hounded by multiple bogie’s, you end up in sheit creek fast.

I preffer them as a command ship, buffing the frontline, and single out the ship that dares to penetrate your lines. Small raids against enemy frigs that venture out to close to your territory, one on one with enemy fighters, that kind of stuff.