so i was looking through the text that was spoken by the broker in the NY18 missions, and at the end of the most recent one i noticed this in the conclusion


what is this favor? will owners of the NY18 be given a unique open space mission of some kind where they have to do something for the broker?

edit, the favor is fist mentioned here


We get to abduct… wait for it… space cows.

30 minutes ago, TheDerpNukem said:

We get to abduct… wait for it… space cows.

lol, i was thinking something like a drug run for the cartel, but that’s funny enough to work too

This could be interesting, imagine if we could take different routes in the campaign, like bad guy good guy or so, or factions, I would go Jericho 100%

Its supposedly a hint to the start of the new upcoming story/adventure-missions after the new year festive season beginning early January 2018 (cf. object NY18)