fatal error when starting the game

I can test on another computer?

I would ask a mod about it as its a NDA agreement you could try on another computer at same home i shouldn’t see a problem in that. If it does not work then you might be looking at having to by a gfx card for your system.

my directx is version 11

Well if you have DX 11 this is card related and windows system is only going upto DX9 gfx cards are on 11. It could be something relating to gfx card then. I would contact the gfx card support and see what there option is. If it is onboard try on a different system with external GFX card thats been installed on the system. Again if on onboard then this couuld be a problem due to onobard and theres not enough power on that onboard.

3 options

1 = contact motherboard support and ask them for advise

2 = buy cheap exteran gfx card enough juice in that card to be enough for game and suited for system. Try eBay

3 = Try another system

Why iam i getting a fatal error that reads as follow “Can’t Initialize Render Materials”

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