Fatal Error. Please launch Star Conflict from Arc

Hi everybody, so the game automatically installed the new patch but before I ran the game I thought to check for a new Launcher too.

Indeed there was a new launcher (starconf_launcher_arc_1.0.1.79.exe) I downed it and ran it too (till now I was using It gave me this: " Fast files check - Some files has been corrupted: ArcSDK.dll" and the OK button. I press OK and it starts to analyze files (so far so good) and indicates that needs to download an 1MB(???) file. It downloads that file (which I don’t have a clue what was it) in half a second and I’ve got the regular and familiar Update success. Network OK. So I thought we’re done here, all cool, lets hit the PLAY button.

From that moment all I get is this: " Fatal Error. - Please launch Star Conflict from Arc"…I press OK, the game tries to load for 5-6 seconds and then it crashes. It doesn’t give me a “send crash report” option either.

I tried several times to re-run the launcher and it keeps coming back with this ArcSDK.dll error. I checked my SC folder in Program Files and indeed there is an ArcSDK.dll, whether is corrupted or not i have no way of knowing. It seems like the launcher is trying to replace that dll but it can’t. And so we’re getting back to: " Fatal Error. - Please launch Star Conflict from Arc".

After doing some experiments and reading the game logs (located in My Documents) i stumbled upon this:

16:32:51.187  WARNING| Game should be ran from arc (has appinstallconfig.xml) but it wasn’t. Doing CC_LaunchClient()…
16:32:51.187  WARNING| CC_LaunchClient returned 3758096400!

and several other entries…

I went back to my SC folder and found this appinstallconfig.xml. To make this long story short I removed this .xml file out of my SC folder and the game now loads normally. Hangar looks normal (Xmas decoration and all), K. Carran has his Santa costume on, I even sent out my 4 ships for Mr. A. Gage’s daily.


So, am I OK or not? Where did this .xml came from? Do I need it? (I have it stored on my desktop). What does it mean launch Star Conflict from Arc? What Arc? Is the ArcSDK.dll corrupted?


Thank you!

There goes a day pfff…

OK I found out what Arc (Perfect World Entertainment) is.

Shouldn’t be informed that Arc is implemented into the new Launcher? Jesus ppl, I’ve spent a whole day between Google search and game-logs…Plus, even if I wanted to install Arc I can’t cause I’m running SC on XP.

If there is anything more I/we need to know please inform us.

If you haven’t used Arc platform, remove  appinstallconfig.xml. from your pc