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Operation Earth: Chapter 1 Part 2 Sharpening Frontline


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Fang Flotilla

1. Faction: Danger Code

Danger Code, the faction led by the feared hunter Starfang. The faction showed up from nowhere, when the activity of Wisdom Cube, Chsaron and Chaos users was quickly rising. The faction first attacked stations near the Mezza, Herculis, Cygnus, Aldebaran, Olympus, Pallas and Line systems. The faction has the most advanced technologies, and has many types of powerful soldiers and military vehicles.


2. Flagships

-King Dragon: The biggest known Dreadnought, often called the king of dreadnoughts. The King Dragon is the size of 10 Maelstroms, and it could even destroy Guardian-17 by firing its major calibers. King Dragon is the ship of Starfang, and is even serving as a mobile station. The ship has a large hangar, many large engines and 7 powerful Major Calibers (and more than 700 flak batteries, and 300 thermal turrets). King Dragon can easily face a fleet of Defilers or Destroyers, and can easily deal with the Devourer either. Until now, nobody was brave enough to approach the ship, and getting inside the ship is only possible by portals due to the amount of guards.


-Rampage: This dreadnought isn’t from our reality: This ship is from one of the dimensions around the A6 location. The dimension where this ship was stolen from is known to us, thanks to the Emperor Dreadnoughts. According to the gathered information, this ship is a Trade Federation Cruiser, which was modified to a gunship. The ship has 40 rocket launcher platforms, 350 thermal turrets and around 1000 flak batteries! The ship also has minefield layers and portal opening modules. This ship seems to be escorting the King Dragon.


-Cthulhu: This ship isn’t from our reality either. According to the data from an unknown ship, the Cthulhu was originally a “Nidhogg”, which was equipped with Ellydium and Crystallid technology, and now it’s capable of moving it’s tentacle-like parts and can spill powerful iridium-acid. The Cthulhu can also open portals, and it seems to be a living creature on the inside: It became a biomorph, though. Starfang’s fleet isn’t allied with Biomorphs, they solved the problem and made Cthulhu loyal by many implants that better not to destroy - We don’t need another powerful alien ship that can appear anywhere, and destroy everything.

3. Leader


-Starfang: For the first sight, he looks like someone or something in a very modern space warrior suit, but later it turned out that Starfang is a creature on the inside, but it’s 80% mechanical, so it can’t exist without its suit anymore. That’s not a problem for him though: Starfang’s suit seems to be super resistant to everything, and is equipped with tons of different weapons (both melee and guns), tools and interesting modules. Starfang can also regenerate its suit, like a living creature. Starfang is the most feared hunter of the galaxy: If he wants to kill something, nothing can stop him. He brutally kills any creatures or robots, and not even Archangel was able to stop him.