Fan Kit?

I don’t know if this kind of things are already planned, or maybe it’s premature to discuss now, but i ask:

you have some plan for fan sites, like release fan kit, support community, etc?

I explain why i ask this: i’ve told of Star Conflict to a lot of italian mmo players, and all want more infos about this game. Lot of this infos is already in the official website (news, faq, forum topics…) but unfortunately, not all understand very well the english language and ask me a translation (i know, my english isn’t good, but luckily i read english better than i speak :smiley: :smiley: :D)

For that i think to create some webpages with a “collection” of the most important things about the game (like the faq, and some news) translated in italian language.

Obviously, if fan kit and other material is released for fan sites, i can create better pages with logos, images, etc. :wink:

you have some plan for fan sites, like release fan kit, support community, etc?

Thanks for asking, AngelRipper!

We’ve started working on that already. I’m not sure that Italian version of the tests will be the very first thing to do but a fan-kit is defnitely coming up pretty soon. We’ll prepare artworks, renders, wallpapers and screenshots, faction emplems, forum signatures and many more.

And I’m really glad to hear about the idea of a fan-site. I’d love to support this kind intention :wink:

BTW there’s been one interview for one particularly Italian magazine - MMORPG Italia

Great Zakzak :01212:

(wow a new set of smileys… yeah! )

I know… Italian language isn’t the first in the priority list of the translation of a game :slight_smile: usually comes after english, german, french, etc :slight_smile: same thing for official forum and similar :slight_smile:

The interview with mmorpgitalia is one of the first thing i’ve read about star conflict… and i linked it to all people i know (same for the official trailer and official screenshots) and now different people is interested in Star Conflict… but want more infos :slight_smile: and i try to give them the infos of the website, but in italian.

Also, i’ve spoke with different member of my clan (all “hardcore players” of space combat genre) and all of them is waiting for star conflict, and are ready to leave the mmo they play actually, to join me in SC :fed_cool:

(p.s. i wrote a pm to you saturday… has arrived?)