Fan Art

In order for some good fan art to start happening, you need to provide us with the way to create our own good quality ship renders. Ingame screenshots are only good for the small size signature projects.

ship models have been posted on 3d model sites, however i agree that the models and backgrounds should be downloadable. I could probably extract them from the game but i would risk being banned

I have already researched that idea and they are all in weird format and bluh, bluh. It would be nice to have a simple ship viewer , where we could rotate the ships, zoom in and out, change color schemes. I am sure that someone down the line might create an indy ship viewer or will post a tutorial how to unwrap those ship models.


Could you share a link to such site? I fancy to make a wallpaper, but I have no good resource for ship images. I made about 15 screens of ships in space yesterday, will make a test sig today, lets see how it goes.


I wonder what to charge for my pro looking sigs?

Alt + H in game.

alt+H in game will not work for 1600x900 + wallpapers, where I want to have a ship being the centerpeice. Even if I transform it into smart image or add pixels, the quality is not the same.

This should help a bit

I wonder what to charge for my pro looking sigs?


This ->

seems fair enough.

AHHH…Terrorblade, just noticed. Thank you VERY much for such helpful link. That would help me to develop some images…



SpongeJohn, thanks for the price check :slight_smile: