FALSE Vacuum Laser

I just thought it funny how they called it the Vacuum laser. If anything, I think they named it such not as to mean a literal vacuum, or laser that functions in a vacuum, but simply as a mistranslation from “False Vacuum” laser. As in the theory stating that the universe could be detonating itself and we would never know because it expands at the speed of light. As in the single most efficient way to destroy all matter in the universe. As in the literal apocalypse. End of the world. Nothing left. Look it up. It’s pretty interesting.

Interesting, keep going lol xD

True! Verey interesting!!!

It involves having an atom at its natural “ground state” and that ground state being a sort of “false” ground state, leading to the name of the “false vacuum theory.” It says that if by some means like quantum tunnelling, that an electron could fall to its TRUE ground state, then the resulting release of energy would be so great that it would “detonate” all surrounding matter to do the same, thereby annihilating all matter that the explosion touches. And given that the explosion expands at the speed of light, or very slightly slower, we would never be able to detect it if it somehow WAS happening.


I got together with a couple of scientist buddies of mine and we talked it over, and decided that given a thick enough field of suspended and contained antimatter surrounding our planet (or if possible our entire solar system) the field would be able to react with and annihilate all matter before it can be destroyed by the false vacuum, leading to an empty space between us and the expansion that would ultimately probably save us. Though the repercussions of such actions would be immense and we would all either freeze or die of radiation or get malted by the energy of the reaction. It would be a valiant effort, but the volume of and proximity would have to be too great to be feasible.

Another possible defence would be to suspend a field of antimatter that is contained and shielded to react with the explosion itself. Though who knows what would happen.

If you continue this i will sell it as movie material and buy you a hunter ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

9 minutes ago, ORCA1911 said:

If you continue this i will sell it as movie material and buy you a hunter ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

That exactly what I thought. It would make a great movie.


The only problem is seeing it coming though, as it expands at the speed of light and can happen literally anywhere that matter exists.