Failed to accept mission, Error: Timed out

I don’t know  how to cal it i try to accept those missions  and it stays at loading after a few minutes  i get an error


A little advice : take care of your fucked servers gaijin !!!



Server problems right now

I only got rank 10 for Jericho and Empire, which I don’t have ships for yet. Nothing else from previous ranks. :[

I guess someone accidently kicked the servers this morning…

Or a troll, after the discussion we had regarding Veterans wanting the rewards too… because I see the rewards as a Vet and can’t get them xD…


Those engines packages just hanging in front of my nose…

I know, I know… it hurts :c

also not possibile to make loyalty vouchers anymore 

I’ have same problems: can’t accept any new mission from assignment or career.

I cant even start the game now, some ARC fatal error, wth is going on?

They must be tampering with the servers.

Okay, just delete everything in the installation folder that is not a folder and game and launcher associated stuff and let the game redownload it again, should work, tamper with it if it doesn’t work in the first try.

Is it repeated now?

In papitas thread is the fix to the launcher issue.