Faction selection in CBT

I just downloaded and started the beta and came to the faction selection screen and was unable to choose the faction i decided to play after reading the descriptions. While i am sure this is not a flaw i do not want to begin the game and get upset later for not going down the path i really wanted. Is it going to be possible to reset or faction switch later? Should i wait until those factions are available? I really want to play asap but I have made up my mind on what faction to play and do not wish to make a decision now that i cannot change later. Any suggestions will be appreciated providing they are facts.

As of right now, yes there is only one faction available and that is intentional. If i were you, i would go ahead and play the game as it is now, and wait for the other factions to be released. I am not sure which, but there are two possible ways of the other factions being released… 1. We will be able to roll over all of our exp and Reputation to the new faction, picking up where we left off in our old faction. or 2. We start from scratch in the new faction. Whichever way the cookie crumbles, it is much more beneficial for you to go ahead and play now, as you will be learning the ins and outs of the game, and you will be well informed and well practiced by the time the new factions come out, whether we get to roll over rep and exp or not. Many players are turned off at lower levels because they have no idea whats going on or how to play, and i would hate for you to be turned off of the faction that you are heart set on because of inexperience. Go ahead and get the infuriating learning levels out of the way in legion so you know what you are doing by the time your faction is released.

My two cents in a nut shell: Go ahead and play. There is no reason not to. :slight_smile:


well my main issue is the possibility of simply not be given the ability to switch, experience rollover or otherwise. Atm i play another space-based game and once you pick a side that’s it, you can go around the rules and create an alt account on the same server as the opposite faction but that at the very least is frowned upon and i believe against the EULA and punishable by having the accounts banned.

At the moment there is only 1 faction added. Later you will be able to switch between factions and you will be able to fly ships of different factions.

Further more it is still closed beta so this means, there will be a wipe in the future.

TYVM for clarifying, i appreciated reply from shadowrider but having a mod reinforce the answer does put my mind at ease a bit more- ty again.

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