Faction Change?

will/should there be an option to change your faction without waiting for a wipe?

the game guide is not available yet so i couldn’t tell which ships are federation, empire etc.

i saw a ship that i really liked so i took a guess and chose the federation…apparently i was wrong…so now i have to hope for a wipe to come sometime soon…

You can still buy and use empire ships. For the T1 Ships you need to have Lv1 in any empire sub faction and this do you have from the start. So buy them and do the empire contracts and you will be fine.

thanks :slight_smile:

i bought that ship i wanted(i was a little disappointed to see it didn’t have the invisibility module like in the trailer and like the other assault ships, but still :D) and it seems great…

although, if you can progress as an empire as well as a federation player whats the point of factions?

I don’t know why but I think they changed that ability with the one now. I personally didn’t like that you were forced to have the new ability but unfortunately I like the new one better

i like the other one too, but this is the nicest looking ship in the game and if it had the invisibility abilty it would be just awesome!

guess that would be too good to be true…

well nvm, the new ability is also cool, except for the mobility and speed thing thats just annoying, i just like how it affects the weapons…thats how the weapon systems should behave normally in my opinion(rate of fire and damage…if you make the ships just a LITTLE faster and more agile with this sort of weapons you’ll have massive dogfights going on :P)

After playing recently I found the empire and federation ships had different abilities one of which was the old invisibility which I don’t use since I played better with the newer ability

This will be aviable in the next patch.