f1 racing destroyer?

currently having procyon with  config of 3 3 1 1 1 (1 hull slot for extended cargo and one computer for spatial scanner and one shield for compact shield generator. evrything maxed up and with implants i get around 302 . so my question goes up … what is  maximum speed i can get from overclocked destroyer? did i reach speed limit on that baby? or maybe there are  another one  worth to make F1 racing boat?   heard about going for  lvl11 dessie and config 3 3 0 3 0 because for light hull into hull slots to get extra speed but none of other destroyers have speed bonus like “procyo” has and procyo cant fit light hull module into hull slot… procyon is  energy/capacitor stable and can go on afterburner all time,with spatial scanner and hull extender ic an scoop more tasty loot … i know its paper tank and easy to die but used it so far in few “heavy” systems with no big problems. not saying anything about alien ships because they still bite my head off. even my 340k ehp sybil dies after i meet 10 crystallids in abandoned complex i usually die  before i kill 7th or 8th,but easily getting the first half. the f1 racing dessie helped there because i was using photon emitter to snipe the crystallids while i keep them at safe range,they never  got to me i always outrun them or crystallids AI is so weak they wont overclock their engine to get me.


TLDR  my procyon is around 300ms  i want to know if i can get  destroyer to better speed,mainly want to use for looting pirate stash/unknown containers etc.if can get faster destroyer,what one and what modules/config i do need plan is to do use it for  hit-and-run tactic especially agaist crystallids,procyon is  good but need  faster dessie.

Got my Procy up to over 580m/s in OS with command and pickup boost.

That was just AB speed. I love how it’s faster than warp speed because that’s silly.

I’d bet a Sirius could go faster because it can use more speed modules.