[F]Your links don't exist

I started playing a couple days ago, took a break for work and then tried to load the launcher this morning …


I get Network okay but that’s it, no loading of a patch, and when I click Download latest game client I get a failed website link, and same for the download latest launcher.


When I go back to the email to click the download client link in my original email … the page doesn’t exist


 sort it out guys

I’m having the same problem. The launcher comes up and says “Network OK” but the PLAY button never lights up and I can’t launch the game. 


I get a 404 page not found error when I click on download latest launcher and I am unable to click on the “repair” link at all. 


I’ve been checking the forums and the game’s website, but I can’t find anything saying there is a maintenance right now or any other indication that the servers might be down.