[F] wrong positioned Turrets inside the Station "Cargoship Mission"

at the first attachment, you’ll find the turret stucked “wrong positioned” inside the station, that happened also with some rocket launchers.

at the second attachment, you’ll find “in the chatbox” fellows talking about it, means it’s not only my problem but it’s a major problem.

no idea how did this even happen.



Please follow the report pattern:

[http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/6801-template-how-to-report-graphic-issues/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/6801-template-how-to-report-graphic-issues/)

Just made this mission and also noticed that the turrets are somekind “molten” into the hull of the starbase and are nearly unhittable by normal weapons, only missiles/torpedos work.


And also notice that there are exclamation marks with “No Data” for missionbuffs. In 0.8.0 #2 there were symbols.


I do understand that bugs occure with new patches but this is bad :-(. Get some coffee and donuts for your quality assurance before deploying the fixing patch to ensure everything went wrong is properly fixed.




post-241642-0-57582400-1369383761.jpg post-241642-0-64937100-1369383765.jpg post-241642-0-62992500-1369383769.jpg

Can you give us the close camera position? You can see it by pressing F12, 3 times. Please note eatch for each broken turret.

When I press F12 Steam will take screenshot. Okay, I could turn it off but what you mean with “Close camera position” (on the first pic you see the broken camera zoom on frigates. Its at maximum zoomed out) and “Please note eatch for each broken turret” ? All turrets are broken in that mission. Look at the first pic from my post. The red glowing part is inside the hull of the starbase and thats on all flak towers and on the second pic you see that the “foot” of the missile launcher is inside the hull of the starbase and it is on all missile launchers in the mission.

Ive checked the entire Map and all turrets are broken.


Flaks cant be attacked in the 2nd Round. Rocketlaunchers are partly stuck in the Station.


I will foreward this to the Devs.

[PVE_Turrets_log.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5993)

Thanks for your time to check yourself that this part of the mission is partially broken. Hope they will fix it very fast.


Greetings from Germany :smiley: and sorry for my bad english.

:crazy:  nvmd. Fix will be done in the next few updates. maybe this week.