[F] Windows Open While Chatting

As I type while in chat, keys that are assigned as keybindings are opening the respective windows.

For example, I have the key “p” on the keyboard assigned to open the “profile” window. If I am chatting with someone, while in the chat window, and I type to that person something like “what’s up”, the “p” in the word “up” activates my profile window.

Obviously if I am chatting, key bindings shouldn’t activate anything.


I have experienced this in game in the past, or something like this.

Can you confirm it happens every time you launch game, and make sure you do not click on another window/application while star conflict is loading.

Doing so can remove star conflict from prominent application, I fixed this by restarting the game client and/or ctrl+alt+del and select bring to front on the application.

This is strictly in game. When I am chatting with someone various windows like profile, ships etc open.


Everyone I know is currently experiencing this and we’ve tested it.


Try this as one example:


  1. start game

  2. change your key binding for “profile”, under “hangar” to “P”.

  3. enter chat mode to start chatting with anyone

  4. if you type “P” in chat, as in, any word with a "P in it, your profile window will open.


Nothing should be activated when chatting, obviously.


Also, pressing the “keypad enter” key opens chat. I can’t assign that one key to anything. Please pass this on to be changed so that’s it’s assignable.



Issue reported