[F]Various Warpgate annoyances and issues

The Warpgate module is handy, but quite annoying sometimes.


First of all, heres a small picture of a average warpgate



Now, in this picture, i’ve circled the rough area you would EXPECT that you have to go through to warp:



Here is a image of where you ACTUALLY have to fly through it to warp:



Other than the issue of just how easy it is to fly straight through it and not warp, is the DISTANCE it warps you. 5km is a perfectly fine distance, except it doesn’t warp you 5 km. If you were to start warping through a warp gate at 0 speed, when you got out of warp you would be about 6 km away, which doesn’t sound like much, true. But 1 km is often the difference between defending a beacon, and smashing into said beacon or a asteroid, at over 2 km/s.


Finally, Warpgates are far, FAR too fragile. 1000 Hp is NOTHING. Lets look at my ship for a second, its primary, long range lasers have a range of just over 9 km and, being lasers, can fire once a second, and can often do more damage than that in a single hit at that range. Assuming I see a ship create a warp gate and I am currently aiming in that direction, it is entirely possible for me to aim and shoot at that warp gate before the ship that created it can enter it. And since my lasers often do more than 1k per hit, that means there is a fair chance that it dies instantly. From 9km away. Aka HALF THE BATTLEFIELD AWAY. I think we can all agree that is rather absurd for a module with over a minute cooldown.

I have never seen that in a game before.  


Only reason I know about it is reading the tooltip in the equipment.  


The fact that it is so rarely used is a good argument for a buff.