[F]Using Adaptive Camo while Spy Droned still breaks locks on you

It seems that if a covert ops activates Adaptive Camo while spy droned, the adaptive camo still breaks any locks on it. The covops gets no other benefits from the camo and can be relocked immediately.

It’s not a major issue, but I figure it’s not intentional.


I’ll work on a combat log, but bad guys don’t tend to do it on cue for me. Should be easily reproducible in a controlled setting though.

The spy drones are intended to prevent the ship from being stealth so I think it is intended that you can be re-locked while the spy drones are active.

You misunderstand. The bug isn’t that you can be relocked, that’s perfectly correct while spy droned. The bug is that it breaks locks at all, which doesn’t seem right if you have spy drones on you when you activate the camo. My understanding is that spy drones should completely neutralise camo’s effects, but this one effect still applies.


Reproduction case:

1 In a recon, lock up covert ops.

2 Place spy drones on covert ops.

3 Covert ops activates Adaptive Camo

4 Recon loses lock on covert ops     ← that’s the bug bit.

5 Covert ops is immediately lockable again and gets no further benefits from adaptive camo ← that’s correct behaviour, just noting it for clarity.


Alternatively the bug might be in 3, that Adaptive Camo can be activated at all with spy drones on you, since other stealth devices like cloaks simply won’t activate. That would also solve this problem.

issue reported