[F]Unsupported 16-bit application



So i downloaded the game, installed the launcher, but now i have an incompactibility.


The game is not working with my HP probook 4530s windows 7 64bit.


What is the issue ?


When i try to launch it is saying that the application is 32bit and is not working.


Any idea how to fix this ?


let me know.

this game requiere a good graphics card

Could you post your computer specs?



And so my graphic card is pretty good man.





750GB HDD 7200 RPM

Dual Graphic Cards: 1. Intel 3000 . 2. Radeon HD 6490M 1GB


I dont think the specs are a problem.


What could be the issue ?

checked on your graphics and it was midrange when it was released … so it’s probably still midrange but a little bit lower…

what processor do you use? did you try to run it with admin privilegs? is your OS updated with the latest patches / service packs?



CPU: i7 2.2GHz

Windows 7, and yes the lastest update.

And yes runned with admin privilegs, tried the compactible mode. etc.


Any idea ?

Did you try it with both grafic devices?





Well i dont think its the graphic card issue, as its a matter of version as my windows is a 64 bit, did the programmers specify that the game can work only in a 32 bit ?



Fixed i just redownloaded it, moved to the folder program files (not program files x86). This was the issue.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Hope this helps other fellows.

I hope you will enjoy the game :slight_smile: