[F]Unable to download at more than 8Kb/s

Having got the latest launcher ( I tried to install Star Conflict. It reaches about 13Mb at 1 Mb/s and then drop to 8 Kb/s. Estimated time to finish: 5 days. Obviously this isn’t fast enough to actually enjoy it.

Could someone tell me what is going wrong,

Or is there another place I can download the full folder so that at least it is only a relatively small update to download?


Are you familiar with torrents? In this case you could try what I explained in another thread:

Start Azureus [or a similar torrent software] and copy (!!!) this link into your browser:


It should ask you, if you want to continue or something similar. (Depends on your browser.) Allow it. Than the download should start.

Don’t forget this:

Point your torrent software (like Vuze, Azureus, µTorrent) to save the files at the [star Conflict] game directory, […], let the torrent software download it and deny if you’re asked to override existing files.

Azureus should have the option to change the download path under Tools -> Configuration -> Files. Don’t forget to change the download directory again after your download is ready or [your torrent software] will save any other file you download in your game folder.

Thank you very much, this got me up and running with an overnight torrent and I shall try and seed it. Danke!