[F]unable to connect to server

I downloaded the game from steam and when I put in my login information it says “unable to connect to server.” Does anyone know why this is happening? 

I’m having the same problem and it isn’t my connection that is the problem since all my other games (for example WoT) are working just fine. Can someone please assist me in fixing this?

The problem started when 0.7.8 was launched yesterday. Before that I was playing the game without any problems.


This is the error message that I get when I try to connect:

“Lost connection to server”

“Reason” Network error"

please use the bug report pattern here

Charactername: -  N/A
What did you expect to see: -  Successful login

What happened: -  Error message saying "unable to connect to server"
What was your last action: -  N/A
Is the bug reproduceable, if yes please describe how to reproduce the bug: - 
Please attach at least one screenshot or make a little video of the issue: -
Attach the game logs from the session to your post as .“txt”(Only the logs from the session where the bug occured. The logs are located on

My Documents/My Games/Star Conflict/logs):

For launcher related problems please also attach the .txt files located in your Gamefolder -> “.launcher_log”

What are your system specs: - [DxDiag.txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5522)

What internet connection do you have: -  Broadband


[conntest.txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5523)

Here you will find more information.